Writing Projects


Over the last year or so, my writing has come out in the form of a short book. It ends up being a lot about me, and hearing my own words spoken to my heart. The hard words that my hard heart needed to hear. So I wrote them down. It breaks my heart to know so many people are unsatisfied with the church. I think as a church we can change that. It might be hard. We might have to abandon some of our own ideas. We might have to embrace Jesus once again. Admitting our faith has become a little stagnant out of selfishness. Jesus came to bring hope, love and joy. We as a church are to receive it and pass it on. How can we get to that place once again?

I have divided the “book” into 10 short chapters.


Intro: Why Should You Read This?

1. Apologies
2. Disillusioned
3. Sheltered
4. Messy Church
5. Speak To Me
6. Thirsty
7. We Need You
8. Make Much of Me
9. It Starts With You
10. Bullhorn




“Thirst” is something I have been thinking about for a while already. As a Youth Pastor, several things stand out to me about teenagers growing in their faith today. There is good teaching available for young teenagers, but rarely is it in a language they understand. I am trying to mix in a solid Biblical based teaching, that does not cut corners but provides an honest and authentic look at the life of Christ and what He calls us to.

Over my years as youth pastor there have been opportunities to teach on issues that I never would have had the opportunity to elsewhere, and on issues that the church sometimes has a hard time addressing. So these ‘issues’ have added up and I want to include them in this study and provide the reader the opportunity to see what the Bible does say on some of the things that they struggle or deal with.

In my mind, “Thirst” is an attempt at a workbook for young believers, that incorporates teaching and instruction.

Several of the first chapters deal with our ‘Identity in Christ’ and who God is and says we are. The middle chapters introduce us to the church and the importance that community plays in our lives. The remaining chapters deal with things that we will come in contact with over the course of our lives, such as dealing with pain and adversity, fear, forgiveness and sexual purity.

“Thirst” is a work in progress, I am always adding something or making revisions to a chapter.


  1. Who We Are
  2. Our Salvation
  3. Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  4. Who God Says We Are
  5. Trust and Intimacy
  6. The Spiritual Gifts (We/Us Need You)
  7. Our Mission (Discipleship)
  8. The Call to Community (The Importance of Church)
  9. Worship Is Our Life Calling
  10. Holy Conversations (Prayer)
  11. Deep Well (Bible)

Other Lessons In The Works:

Exploring Purity – Holding On or Holding Out, Heaven and Hell – Do They Exist?, In His Image – We Were All Made in the Image of God, Peer Mentoring / Evangelism