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I love music. I love exposing people to new music; music that I think they’ll like. Over the last couple years I have enjoyed making a playlist of some of the music that I listened to over and over again in a calendar year.

My Favorite Songs of 2016

My Favorite Songs of 2015

My favorite Songs of 2014

My Favorite Songs of 2013

As a Youth Pastor I care about the music students listen to. As a young man, my collection included a lot of music I would later delete. One of my huge passions is showing the youth I minister to that there are artists that make good music that also can encourage them in their walk with God (and some just for fun). Thankful for the many positive influence in the music culture.

Youth Ministry Songs 2016

Youth Ministry Songs 2015

Others playlists that you might like:

Dance / Electronic Songs

Rap / HipHop Songs

Music Videos are a great way to welcome students into services, or pump up events. Included are growing YouTube playlists that I use frequently.

Youth Ministry Videos

Youth Ministry Worship Videos