My name is Donovan Dueck.

Follower since Jesus called me His own. Husband since October 2007. Father since 2012. Youth Pastor from June 2007-June 2017.

Currently in transition.

I don’t consider myself a veteran or a ministry professional. I am just one guy trying to faithfully serve Christ wherever he his. Fully recognizing that “He’s still working on me”. Hoping that through life I can encourage and strengthen others in their relationship with Jesus.

Things that get me passionate: Ministry (Youth/Discipleship), Coffee, Vinarterta, Pumpkin Pie and Swedish Berries, Church (We are all better together), Jamaica (The Country, its people and its food), Hockey (Jets, Ovechkin), Music (Love listening to and finding new music), and the Outdoors (hiking, camping).

For me this blog was an opportunity to organize some of my thoughts and ministry ideas and games. Along with being a creative way to catalog some of the lessons and teachings I have done.

As well as share some of the events, studies and things that I have done in ministry, and hopefully encourage others in this process.

Most of the messages have been shortened to the key points, so the information may not be extensive. Feel free to browse around and take a read.

If you would like to chat and dialogue about something you see here, I welcome it, give me a shout by email and we can connect.

Thanks for stopping by,




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A woodworking hobby of mine, to see what I have been up to check out:

Twitter : @ WoodRecreative

Instagram : WoodRecreative



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