Finding Our Satisfaction in Jesus

I have a tendency to run after the wind. Searching for a temporary relief, so I chase almost anything and everything. If it seems like it could fill the hole in our hearts, we run after it.

What does ‘Dissatisfaction’ mean? What’s at the root of mindlessly scrolling social media accounts? What’s at the root of our drugs and alcohol consumption?  What are some things we do, to try to satisfy desires we might have?

We try to find things to help satisfy, but they often leave us feeling emptier than when we started. And maybe now there is some regret or guilt included.

We can chase experiences. Thinking that they are what we are missing. Concerts. Colleges. Speakers. Conferences. Camps. Now these don’t make them bad, in fact they can be very good things. These events though are not the source of life.

Maybe we chase relationships and love. Whether that’s in a boyfriend/girlfriend. Thinking that if we have someone to call our own, some of our problems will stop. Or that maybe watching some porn will help satisfy our desires. These failed attempts at love often hurt us and leave us feeling even more broken.

Maybe it’s buying clothes, electronics, music, etc. I love music! As a teenager, that was my obsession. I downloaded and saved as much music as I could get my hands on. Yet, I found often, as much as music was a source of relief, it didn’t truly satisfy.

So often I feel this way:  why are things that I dream up and the things that I do, why do they often fail, or maybe they don’t actually fail, but they leave me feeling empty.

I was reading through Acts 5, and I came across this verse

Acts 5:38-39 “If their plan is something they thought up, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop them; you might even be fighting against God himself.”

We can make a difference in the world, whether God’s apart of it or not.

However when we partner with what God is doing; that can make all the difference, in whether something fails or succeeds. Rather than it being limited to our dreams, capabilities, resources and ideas; we are letting God control those things and we can go places, never possible with just us in the drivers seat.

Jesus exceeds our expectations.

Jesus provides for our needs.

Jesus fulfills our desires.

Unless God is the source, nothing will truly satisfy.


The Bible makes it abundantly clear..

John 6:35 “He is bread of life, whoever comes to me will never hunger or thirst again.”

Psalm 16:11 “.. in your presence is fullness of joy.. pleasures forevermore.”

Matthew 6:33 “seek first His kigdom and all these things will be given to you.”

Acts 4:12 “Salavation is found in no one else.”

John 14:6 “I am the Way the Truth and the Life.”


I think the answers easy, but living it out is harder. It’s easy for me to stand up here and say:

I need to spend more time with God. God must become more. I must become less. Elevate God and you are on the way to having your heart satisfied. Make your life, less about ME and more about HIM. Prioritize Him. Spend time with Him. Pray to Him. Read your Bible and ask Him to speak to you.

These answers might be right! However it’s way easier to stand up here and say them; it’s a lot harder to do.

So how… We know God is good. He is the source of every good gift. How do we access His provision and satisfaction.


In Isaiah 55:1-3, Isaiah gives us 5 helpful pointers, in finding satisfaction in God.

  1. We need to be thirsty. We need to actually want change. Sometimes when I play hide and go seek with the boys, I pretend that I don’t know where they are. So I wander around. This is a desperate search. Imagine being without water in a desert search. You need to want it. How desperate are you?
  2. Have nothing to offer. Often we let ourselves get in the way. We think that our contributions, our good works are needed in order to find His grace/mercy. Naturally, without Him, I have nothing to offer that will satisfy or quench the thirst. I’m much to selfish and prideful, I recognize that. God is working on that. Maybe He always will. I see my futile attempts.
  3. Recognize how futile our attempts have been. Those attempts at satisfaction that we talked about at the beginning, do we recognize that those didn’t give us peace and joy?
  4. Ready to listen. When you come for advice. It’s easy to tune out our parents for instance, or teachers. How good are we at taking some loving criticism? Or do we respond by shutting people out the minute they start talking about us, and things we could work on?
  5. Do we trust God? Do we believe He has our best interests in mind? Is he trustworthy? Will the road He leads me on, be the best road?


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