May 10, 2017

After numerous conversations over the past couple of weeks, I’ve sensed a stirring. Unsettled hearts searching for something. Uncertainty wavering almost into anticipation.

Could we be on the brink of something big? We can’t ignore it.

If God wants to do something through us, we need to be willing and ready.

I think we may look for answers in the wrong spots. Jobs. Hobbies. Churches. I think it’s time to run back to God – Jesus here I am. It’s seems like the quick fix might be to switch churches, jobs, etc I think the answers will come, once we surrender self and lay it ALL down. And I mean ALL.

Let’s surrender. Wave that white flag and say Jesus, “Not my will, but yours be done”.

So if you are like me and feeling God is moving and stirring something in your heart – lets press in together. Let’s pray and talk to God with regularity. Let’s read His Word diligently and with conviction. Let’s have conversations with each other and encourage each other.

Say no to things that are meaningless and temporary. Attach yourself to Gods-kingdom virtues. Love God and love people. Don’t settle for anything less.

When someone knocks on the door, we answer it. If it’s God knocking we don’t want to miss it. Seek Him and He will be found.

Perhaps this unsettled spirit, is God awakening our hearts to something God breathed. Perhaps the time is now when people will encounter the love of Jesus in real and powerful ways. Recognizing how meaningless life is without purpose and direction from Jesus.

It will start in us. People of God. Church. We don’t want to be left behind. We want to move with the Spirit, and be a part of what He is doing. As God’s hands and feet, we need to be ready to move when God says so.

Friends, if God is breaking into our hearts and lives and creating in us dreams, ideas and passions; and creating hearts that are unsettled and wrestling with what our lives and callings are… we need Jesus. Desire Him more than peace or contentment. Desire him more than the good things He can give us.


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